- UnValentine's Day -

For the millions of people out there who have ever felt disappointed on Valentines Day - here is a story especially for you ...

Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom where a wise ruler came to a remarkable and elegant solution for all the hearts that break on Valentine's Day ...

Once upon a time in a kingdom not so far away ...

... at a time you would not remember knowing, trouble was brewing.

In this Kingdom there were two kinds of citizens, The Fair Ones and The Hairy Ones, and the relations between the two had always been troublesome.

They were dependent on each other in many ways, but the main problem was that they each had something that the other needed, but always seemed to have trouble getting.

The Fair Ones lived for something they called ‘evol’ – it was the stuff of dreams and life for them.

And the Hairy Ones had an insatiable desire for ‘x’ – it seemed they could never get enough.

For the most part, The Fair Ones had all of the ‘x’ and the Hairy Ones had the ‘evol’ that the Fair Ones wanted.

So the exchange had gone on for years, and it had always been full of misunderstandings and trade disputes.

It was sometimes said that the Hairy Ones only give ‘evol’ in order to get ‘x’ ...

... and that the Fair Ones only gave ‘x’ in order to get ‘evol’.

That wasn’t true of course - Hairy Ones needed ‘evol’, too, and the Fair Ones really liked ‘x’, but like most myths, this had its basis in truth.

At first there had been a tradition of exchanging ‘evol’ in a personal, hand-made treats that a Hairy One would create and offer to a Fair One.

And the Fair Ones were more than happy to give all the ‘x’ they knew how to give to the Hairy Ones in an open and unselfish manner.

But lately things had seriously gone from bad to worse ...

... and like many things it started as what seemed a good idea.

In the distant past, a King of Little Wisdom had a brother-in-law with a shop where he made some decent ‘evol’ treats.

In order to help him out a little, the King had declared a yearly National Feast Day.

On this National Feast day it was mandatory for the Hairy Ones to give ‘evol’ treats – and in theory give and get a great amount of ‘x’.

But over the years, the shops making ‘evol’ had become little more than fast food franchises, selling ‘evol’ that tasted like cardboard and had no nutritional value.

And the Fair Ones began to wither away ...

They couldn’t get the ‘evol’ they needed to live when all they received were cardboard creations that only came around once a year.

Things were so desperate that the Fair Ones bought and ate huge amounts of these cardboard concoctions for themselves – hoping to get some ‘evol’ any way they could.

The Fair Ones even gave these insubstantial treats to each other, trying to keep each other alive while they searched for a bit of true ‘evol’.

And for their part, the Hairy Ones were suffering, too.

As the Fair Ones suffered and wasted away, they no longer could make the ‘x’ that the Hairy Ones craved.

So, no one was happy ...

... or getting what they needed to survive - neither the Fair Ones, nor the Hairy Ones.

Well, I guess the shop-keepers were doing ok.

They were making lots of money, even though they wouldn’t have known true ‘evol’ if it bit them in the ass.

But for the citizens throughout the Kingdom, there was no ‘evol’, not much ‘x’, and everyone was frustrated.

People thought things couldn’t get much worse ...

... then came the Gurus, who promised so much and delivered so little.

Because the people were desperate and needed to believe, they listened to, and followed and threw money at the Gurus.

What was the answer from the Gurus?

"Just be someone other than who you are, then you will have everything you want and don’t have now!”

It was clear that the Kingdom no longer had a National Feast Day – it had a Famine!

The current King sent his knights to search the Kingdom far and wide on a quest for an answer to the dilemma.

Just when it looked as if all was lost ...

... they returned with a smiling, mischievous, perpetually happy Hairy One.

He was called the UnGuru and his advice was clear – “You must start giving ‘evol’ from the heart, and do it all year round. You wouldn’t like it if ‘x’ only showed up once a year.”

So the King (this one being much wiser that his predecessor) put an end to National Feast Day.

He declared that UnFeast would be the new holiday – and that UnFeast would occur every day of the year.

And before long everyone was sooo much happier.

The Fair Ones were aglow with ‘evol’ and the Hairy Ones were getting more ‘x’ than they had ever imagined.

The Moral of the Story ...

Until we get a Ruler wise enough to declare “UnValentines Day”, at least give gifts and use products that will get you what you need and want from your love life.

And do IT every day of the year, all year around!

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